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The Juliversum company offers help in the shape of consultations or tutorials or a Private Lessons from Business.


Consultations or tutorials

  • Profile audit | review of the LinkedIn profile with pointing what should be corrected to make it more effective to act in this Social Medium
  • Activities planning | creating the strategy targeting to the specific aim, for example: to find clients or to find a job or get business partners
  • Creating the content | thinking out the content: short texts for post and topics for articles which can be interesting for specified audience


    • 1 hour: 62 EUR/h
    • 3 hours: 167 EUR
Consultations can be made by phone (phone call or WhatsApp) or during a live meeting. In case of travel to client, price is increased with delegation costs.
Prepayment is required.

What should I choose?

During one hour of consultancy we disscuss what you need to change, update or feel in your LinkedIn profile to make it more attractive and work better for your success.
Later I explain how to work with LinkedIn, what and how to do it. We also create together the strategy of acting on this social medium.

I can also assist you simultanously with making changes: helping you feeling each LinkedIn module with text and content.
For this kind of help it is better to choose three hours package and without stress and time presure work with LinkedIn together with me.

Nobody became fluent in some topic after one hour training, so if you feel like still need to ask me for something, you can use a support offer - "Emergency assistance" described below.

Emergency assistance

  • Monitoring of customer progress in feeling profile and acting with LinkedIn
  • Emergency assistance: discussing doubts, consulting texts for posts
  • Helping with writing articles or correcting it


    • 1 hour package (minimal session: 15min): 62 EUR
    • 10 hours package (1 hour can be replaced with preparation of 1 post): 520 EUR

What should I choose?

After consultacy we can contact and discuss your doubts. I can give you another advices and help you to solve your LinkedIn problems which you came up on. So if you have short questions which you want to discuss fast from time to time, 1 hour package divided into 15 minutes session is perfect for your.

If you prefare continuous help for creating content for your activities, like posts or articles, the best for you is 10-hours package valid for 2 months. Thanks of it we can work together for your success on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn trainings and workshops

Full training connectes witgh workshop concern efficiency using of Linkedin to expand business activities and to improve the processes and work of individual departments. Training includes knowledge of adjustment and running both: personal and business profiles on LinkedIn.

The training has a form of workshops. The participants learn and immediatly make changes in their personbal profiles on LinkedIn to make them help working for company's success as each of them is treated like a "business card of the company".
During workshop participants create the strategy of acting in this business Social Medium to make their and companies LinkedIn profile more interesting to potential company cooperators.


    • 7 hours training with workshop: 1100 EUR
    • + delegation costs (depends on training location)


  • The Business strategy | consultancy related to search the ways of competing on the market
  • Marketing in a small company | advice on promotional and PR activities for small enterprises and startups
  • Personal Branding | consultations about building a personal brand


    • 1 hour:82 EUR/h
    • 3 hours package: 230 EUR
    • 10 hours package: 700 EUR


Finding places and spaces to promote women's brands, including:
  • Promotion on own platforms, including the largest cycle events in Poland about exchanging clothes - the SWAP Party
  • Cooperation with publishing and media
  • Conducting effective campaigns in cooperation with bloggers, influencers and celebrities

    The PRICE depends on individual customer needs. Please CONTACT me.